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Workshop "Rakuvaria" / Ine and Ed Knops

Workshop "Rakuvaria" / Ine and Ed Knops

Want to sign in? Send an e-mail to 

Day 1

1. Raku
2. Terra Sigillata
3. Naked raku

More information about Terra Sigillata and naked raku you can find in our boek Rakuvaria2, chapter 18 and 24.


Day 2

1. Pitfire
2. "Clay on clay" smoke technique
3. Coppermat

More information about about these techniques you can find in our books: 
pitfire Rakuvaria2 chapter 27, copper mat Rakuvaria2 chapter 20, smoke technique Rakuvaria3 chapter 1.


Information regarding the above workshops:

You come with biscuit fired work to us and we will show you different stoking techniques.

We will stoke simultaneosly in 4 different kilns. Every different technique will be thoroughly explained and you will be able to put these in practise afterwards.
Learning of techniques is most important on a workshop day and not the firing of as many works as possible

Costs for 1 day € 110,-- incl. lunch, incl. VAT. ( so for 2 days € 220,-- )

Max. 15 persons.

Work pieces:

You can bring work up to a maximum of 4 for 1 day, so for 2 days a maximum of 8.

  • 4 pieces with a maximum of 10 x 10 cm and with a maximum height of 20 cm
  • You can also choose to test a technique on 1 of our vases for an expense of € 4,--
  • Clay with a lot of grog that's white baking has more options
  • Smoothly finished work usually brings better results
  • We recommend polished work especially for naked raku, pitfire and "clay on clay" smoke technique ( but is not necessary )
  • You will have less chance of fraction when using clay with a lot of grog ( 40% ), coarse grog grains ( 1 to 2 mm ), biscuit bakes 900°C, regular wall thickness

Applying by email is prefered:

Signing up for 1 day is also possible.

We require a deposit of € 25,-- a day, the remaining amount you can pay us during the workshop. Upon cancellation, the deposit is considered cost for reservation.

We also have an apartment available for overnight accommodation. 

De notre boutique

Thermomètre laser jusqu'à 850 degrés Celsius

Thermomètre laser jusqu'à 850 degrés Celsius

Voulez-vous avoir plus de contrôle sur de la formation de craquelures à la cuisson du raku? Ensuite, ce thermomètre laser est un outil idéal. 

Vous prenez un pièce du four chaud. Vous mesurez la température avec le thermomètre laser et attendez que la température ait chuté à une certaine valeur.
Maintenant, vous le placez dans la sciure de bois et vous êtes assuré de craquelures pour le résultat final.

Egalement idéal avec, par exemple, les techniques d' enfumage, marquage avec du crin de cheval, etc.

Un tableau des températures est fourni avec cet article, avec des indications indiquant à quelles températures la formation de craquelures, les possibilités de marquage, etc.( écrit en anglais et néerlandais ).