Festival Tips

Festival tips

"Rakuvaria-Live XL" is a one of a kind festival, because

  • You can see all participants working with their technique.There will be dozens of different kilns burning
  • As a visitor you even can follow brief workshops during the festival. Sign up in advance is necessary!
  • During the festival visitors can eat dinner and breakfast with all participants and they can stay over night on our temporary campsite

- We are easily accessible by train! Get off at station Horst / Sevenum to railroad Eindhoven-Venlo, a 700 meters walk and you're at the festival!
- Many reasons to make a multi-day stay
- Just 1 km away is a big Jumbo supermarket that’s open every day, handy for camp guests!

Your partner has less interest in ceramics? Some tips:

  • From our temporary campsite you walk along a meandering creek in a very beautiful nature area "t Ham".
    In this picture you see a cross the creek, the meadow, where the temporary camp site will be.
    Sometimes you can see here the kingfisher....and the beavers are very active! 


  • On 1 km distance there is a beautiful hilly mountain bike trail in a forest called "Reulsberg"


  • On 300 meters distance.... From station Horst/Sevenum starts a fast bicycle path, which covers a distance of over 20 kilometres to station Venlo.
    More information about this unique cycle path: www.greenportbikeway.nl
  • Sevenum is a great walking municipality! In 2010 Sevenum was with a hiking network of 400 kilometres, declared the most beautiful hiking area of the Netherlands.
    More info: www.knopenlopen.nl 

Surroundings tips:

  • Big supermarket: 1 km
  • Center of Sevenum: 2 km / Center of Horst: 4 km / Venlo: 12 km / Venray: 15 km / Eindhoven: 50 km / Nijmegen: 50 km / Düsseldorf: 75 km / Maastricht: 90 km / Maaseik: 55 km 
  • Train station Horst / Sevenum on 500 meters distance ( in 1 hour en 58 minutes to Amsterdam Central )
  • Kantmuseum / Lace museum Horst: 4 km
  • Thema park Toverland Sevenum: 6 km
  • Museum “De Locht” Melderslo: 7 km
  • Ceramic Centre Tiendschuur Tegelen: 20 km
  • Botanic garden Jochumhof Steyl/Tegelen: 17 km
  • Missiemuseum Steyl/Tegelen: 17 km
  • Thermaalbad Arcen /  Thermal bath Arcen: 25 km
  • Limburgs Museum Venlo: 13 km
  • Klokkenmuseum / clock museum Asten: 32 km

Nature areas:

  • ’t Ham Horst: 2 km
  • Mariapeel Sevenum: 11 km
  • Groote Peel Meijel: 30 km

Websites with information:




De notre boutique

Nouveau plaque réfractaires 250x250x9mm

Nouveau plaque réfractaires 250x250x9mm

Nouveau plaque refractaires 250x250x9mm
Sphinx Mulcorit max 1200 °C

Four à micro-ondes, petit

Four à micro-ondes, petit

Four à micro-ondes, petit.

Le four Raku en miniature!

L'espace intérieur utilisable mesure 7 cm de diametre, et 3 cm de hauteur.

Nous avons ajouté quelque chose à l'article, à savoir une base solide de briques isolantes.

Les fours sont idéals pour faire des petits bijoux et par exemple pour faire emeaux des tests: www.microwave-hotpot.com